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Every man is torn between two needs.

The need for the Pirogue, that is to say, the journey, the wrenching away of oneself, and the need for the Tree, that is, a rooted identity.

Men constantly vacillate between these two needs, sometimes yielding to one, sometimes to the other, until the day they understand that it is with the Tree that the Pirogue is made.

This Melanesian myth carries us into its truth, allowing us to live in harmony with our values, our memory and our destiny.

Our memorable meetings over water lead us to sharing our favorites.
This selection of places, experiences and stories corresponds to the art-de-vivre that we want to highlight.

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The Thames In London
Fashion and Nature - A New Era of Eco-Responsibility?
For quite a while, Stella McCartney was considered an eccentric (not to say crank), in a universe where fur - and particularly leather - are an integral part of every self-respecti...>> VIEW MORE

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