essentialment orgnique


Due to the limits of the current eco-responsible labels, KER MER authenticates the raw material and its transformation by virtue of its Charter of Excellence. We seek to limit the ecological footprint of the products we consume and to ensure that we do not deplete our natural resources.We authenticate them thanks to the following criteria:


We are interested in exceptional and ambitious projects because of their level of innovation, their human dimension, their artistic and cultural wealth and the good they provide to humanity.


These projects must be committed and developed by experts following Ethics, transparency and respect.


We support territories for the growth of their economic autonomy by valorizing beyond borders, the wealth resulting from a territory and a climate favorable to their development.


We showcase organic crops and transformations, without the use of inputs and chemicals, as well as the prudent use of water, but also the recycling of elements that are harmful to the environment.


Creativity is placed at the service of Aesthetics to combine it with environmental commitments.

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